I really enjoy it when bloggers share their favorite links for recipes, fashion, or other things they love or have been inspired by. I almost always find a new blog that I want to follow, or items that I haven’t come across before. I’ll be sharing my “Favorite πŸ’— Links” now and then also.

I follow this Instagram account, and they always have such lovely and quirky posts.

I know it’s the end of summer, but this blouse!! Maybe someone will take me here, so then who cares what time of year it is?

This is a perfect weekend to me. I’m so in love with this house, and they sound like the coolest bunch of friends too.

I’m going to make this Raw Vegan Tzatziki, and then slather it all over this juicy looking Black Bean Burger . (Just sub in a flax egg & use vegan mayo.)

And I would love for someone to make me this beautiful smoothie bowl. No bananas, you use zucchini to make it creamy. If you’ve ever had zucchini bread then you know you can’t taste the zucchinis in it.

Isn’t this a gorgeous salad? The colors! I can just imagine the taste, and I think coconut yogurt would be perfect with it.

And to end on a super cute note. Maybe she’ll let me babysit Luna (for a couple of years).

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