Happy Autumn! Love this season of crisp air, vibrant colors, and mellow comfort food. I’ve already posted a couple of very easy, healthy little recipes on my Instagram, so be sure to follow along there also.

I also just started up a tumblr account, and I’m really enjoying the beautiful photos that come through my feed. Lots of visual stories.

Speaking of gorgeous pictures, I 😍 love everything about this one. I want that bike, and I want to be in that flower strewn meadow with it. Maybe not riding through it, because you know that not so pretty picture of me flying over the handlebars as those lovely flowers get tangled up in the spokes.

These two little girls are so sweet. I remember all the fun and crazy things I did with my group of best friends. We used to have big sleepovers, and I still remember some of the things we got up to. Ummm, which will not be posted here. ha

This 3-Ingredient Chocolate Mousse looks incredible. It’s dairy-free, egg-free, and refined sugar-free too. You won’t believe what the secret ingredient is. I cannot wait to make it!

I already have the ingredients for these Pumpkin Superfood Cookies on my grocery list, because I’m making them this weekend. I’ll just sub flax eggs for the regular ones.

Easy 10-Minute Pecan Butter is something I need in my life. I love, love homemade nut butter, but almonds sure do a number on my food processor.

Definitely going to remember to do this the next time, so I have creamy hummus.

I love the color of this gorgeous blouse. It looks like a rose-taupe shade, and the pants are both classy and adorable.

Someday when I can escape the city, this is the house, garden, and lifestyle I want.

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