The weather has been so fickle this autumn, actually it’s been that way all year. Extreme differences in temperature from one day to the next. We’re in November, and it’s been in the 80’s. Definitely not usual for our part of the country. Gorgeous weather, but it does have me concerned for the wildlife, especially the ones that migrate. Also the plants, not that they migrate lol. You know what I mean. Hoping everything will work out well for them.

Ok, I have basically been obsessed with this cat and its crazy antics. If you’re on Instagram, you should follow it.

Love white button down shirts, and it’s always a struggle to find one that doesn’t cost a gazillion dollars but fits really well. I love the combos she pairs hers with, and I’ll have to look into changing things up for myself.

I saw this picture of these Birkenstocks, and they reminded me of my daughter. She came home for a surprise visit, and it was so wonderful! While she was here she went through what she wanted to take back with her, and what would stay. One of the items was her Birks, and she left them in the front hall just like this.

If you live where it’s fall right now, but the weather isn’t co-operating for you either then check out my tumblr. Definitely autumn vibes there.

A favorite Instagram account of mine is this very talented woman’s, because she tells such lovely visual stories.

Going to be making these Sugar Free Pistachio and Raspberry Muffins this weekend. They’re gorgeous, but I need to do some conversions and veganizing first.

Trying out different dessert ideas for Thanksgiving, and this Apple Pie Cheesecake is definitely in the lineup!

And I love this lady! I follow her on Instagram, and she is an amazing and cool person. Check out Althea’s YouTube feed for vegan recipes.

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