Healthy Fast Food

When you want fast food, but don’t want to feel yucky afterward, this is the perfect meal. Not only is it healthy, it tastes really good too! This sounds like a sponsored post, but it isn’t. This company doesn’t even know I exist. lol I just wanted to highlight this soup, because it’s gluten-free, much lower in sodium than the usual ramen soup, doesn’t have a bunch of chemicals, and it’s also vegan.

I whipped up this meal in less than 10 minutes. I had some already sliced bella mushrooms and shredded carrots, so I just sliced a couple of baby heirloom tomatoes. The only other thing I had to do was tear up some spinach, bok choy, and radicchio. That took less than 5 minutes. I added everything in with the ramen and seasoning, when the water was boiling, and simmered it for 4 minutes. Then I poured everything into a bowl and sprinkled on some cilantro. I used to absolutely hate cilantro. Even a tiny piece would ruin a meal for me. Now I really like the taste of it. Never thought that would happen!

Lotus Foods has a couple of different flavors for their ramen soup. I chose the Jade Pearl Rice Ramen Miso Soup. Here’s the list of ingredients…

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