Now Hiring…

No, I’m not really hiring… but if I were it would be for a new photo assistant! haha My Cat will be sweet 16 in just a few months, and she has always been very well behaved. Lately she’s been acting up though. Not in a bad way, or in a way to make me worried about her. She’s just started to see how much she can get away with. Like in this set of photos below.

First let me say that this isn’t a table that we eat on. It’s just a board I place near the window while taking pictures. She’ll sometimes jump up there to see what I’m doing. Once in a rare while, she’ll look closer at the food but leave it alone. She has never been one to jump up on the table we eat on or the kitchen counters. This time though… like I said, pushing the envelope!

The real reason I’m posting these photos though is because I’m so impressed with the iPhone 7 plus. I took all of these with the portrait setting. This was on a very rainy late afternoon. It was also extremely overcast, so I wasn’t getting much natural light. I didn’t have the scene lit up with artificial light though and also didn’t have any board reflectors set up either. These photos are also completely unedited. This is straight from the camera.

The fruit is also amazing. It’s winter here, but this fruit was so luscious tasting, and you can see how pretty they are too. Thanks Whole Foods! They also have some amazing pizza that we ordered before shopping. Two types of vegan cheese, toppings etc… And the wood fired crust is one of the best I’ve had.

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